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Text Sex

Relationships are sometimes the reason we take upon life in a very powerful manner. Due to being close to our loved ones, we often have a positive vision over problems occurring in our lives. All women have a very sensitive side. It's just that some decide to show it to the public eye, while others know how to play their part very well in the exterior environment. However, when being attached to a lover, we do our best to please his every senses and pamper ourselves with his own happiness. It's said and being proved that some people feed their lust with the happiness of others. Sex texting is actually one of the most exciting things between two people in love.

It's no secret to anyone that a great sexual life leads to a healthier life and an excellent emotional mood. Women know when to be passionate, attractive, romantic or shy. Actually, we do like to play a little game with our partner, to make things more fun and exciting. As children love their toys, we are definitely into playing a great role in adult games. The best part about sex texting is letting your imagination run wild. If you've been watching a particular romantic scene in a movie and you've always wanted to try it with your partner, then go for it and start writing your message. It is also a genius way to secretly tell your partner all about your sex fantasies. All women love to play shy once in a while, especially if we're really into our partner. However, trying a direct sexual approach might scare a man, because not every guy likes being dominated by women.


Another reason why people, especially women, like having sex through text messages, is the fact that it becomes easier to express all our thoughts and desires. Some people are a bit scared of what their partner might think of, so instead of focusing on making a great impression, we choose a simple text message, but full of passion, lust and desire. And it is definitely the best method of starting your sexual life with your partner, in case the two of you are both very shy. Through stimulating texts, you get to know better your partner, find out what his erogenous parts are and what pleases him most. It's a perfect method to improve your real sex life and enjoy of a burning foreplay. Besides, you will definitely improve your sexual intercourse, because texting is the best way of discovering each other and all your pleasures. In a nutshell, apart from improving your sex life and emotional mood, sex texting is also the best prelude for a very passionate meeting between partners. Since women love to make men crazy about them, a promiscuous text message might be the beginning of an unforgettable romantic and passionate meeting. Writing all your desires, allows you to let yourself carried away and introduce a bit of perverted thoughts in your sex scene, that are otherwise difficult to express in person.

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